KAREN D. BECKWITH - Contemporary American Artist & Printmaker


KAREN D. BECKWITH is a Contemporary American Artist, Printmaker and Master Printer. Her lithographic prints and graphite drawings are featured on this site. 

Artist, Printmaker, Master Printer, Karen Beckwith


The first time Karen worked with the lush surface of a lithography stone she was hooked. Her deep love of drawing, and the stones receptiveness to the subtleties of drawn marks, is a perfect blend of creative energies. The incredible smoothness of the tonalities in Karen's artwork, the strength and subtlety of her line work, and the rich depth of value in the inks of Karen's prints are a testimony to her mastery of the medium. Karen has been dedicated to the creation of fine art printmaking for over thirty years, and she is one of a select group of American Artists who has attained the status of Master Printer, with a registered Chop Mark from the TAMARIND INSTITUTE.


Karen considers herself a seeker and she is always looking for layers of meaning in everyday scenes. Her imagery is a direct response to her experiences, and she describes her artistic vision as "The transformation of tidbits of life into nuggets of visual creativity."